Who is the Brand & Convert Program for?

Brand & Convert is designed for Introverted Business owners/entrepreneurs looking to build their brand and better connect with their audience through videos.

You're always looking to connect to others in a way that makes a difference. Your business has been waiting in the wings, and this is the year you’re going to make it a reality. You're not only building a brand—you’re building a brand that has the possbility of creating a ripple effect for others that will love your message. I’m excited to help you create the confidence and know how to engage your audience and build that platform today.

video editing for business owners

Learn How to Edit Easily

collaboration for videos

Use Videos to Collaborate and grow

Outsourcing for video content

Develop a Content Plan

learning the skills

Video Equipment Training

FB Live Shows for business

Capture your Clients Attention

building your audience

Grow your Audience Quickly

social media launch plan

Social Media Launch Plan

equipment training for business owners

Where to Post and Share Videos