Have you been struggling to create video content? Do you want to learn how to use your camera to film and edit videos that will to grow your business? Maybe you’ve been struggling to figure out what exactly will work for your industry as you don’t want to waste time or energy trying to learn and implement things only for it to fall flat?

If you’re looking to create a video marketing strategy and you want to learn how to create your very own video content in 2019, than the Brand & Convert DIY Program is JUST FOR YOU!

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What’s included in your Brand & Convert Training Membership?

  • Learn how to measure success with your video marketing program

  • Create a strategy that will bring in results

  • Finally learn how to use your camera to get easy to film content

  • Discover the easiest (and fastest) ways to edit your footage

  • Watch how we batch our footage and film a whole months worth of content in 4 hours of work

  • Fresh ideas and relevant strategies for you to implement every month

  • Video footage you can download and use for your own videos


How to use this program-

Our clients are using the Brand & Convert DIY Program to finally add videos into their marketing mix this year.

Some examples include - online course creation, educational social media videos, guest video interviews, product demonstrations, YouTube Channel, Instagram Content, Facebook Content, Linkedin Content

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This is NOT right for you if…

  • You are not willing to learn

  • Want a production team to film / edit your video content (our other programs “Video Launch” or “Elite Clients” would be for you)

  • You are looking for someone to put the videos to work with a marketing campaign (this is our Elite Client Program).


This is right for you if…

  • You are looking to create educational content quickly and efficiently because you have time to learn how to do this and want to do it right

  • You are willing to dedicate yourself to a video marketing strategy to grow your business / brand this year

  • You can follow a step by step proven system on how to make videos work for you and your brand/business

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Are you ready to say YES to creating video content in 2019 that looks AMAZING?
Click the link below and sign up for your monthly membership here.

When you sign up, you will receive

alimond video planning guide
  1. an email on how to access your membership

  2. invitation to our next monthly online meetup for Q&A to help answer any of your questions

  3. an access link to where your exclusive content will be located


Can you imagine FINALLY being able to create your own videos without fear of technology. You will be confident that you have the knowledge and support system to develop your videography and marketing skills to take your ideas and turn them into a reality through videos.

This is exactly what our members are doing!

Take charge of your brand and your business this year! Create your own videos that will help you build and engage an audience…AND convert your audience into customers and clients that LOVE buying from you.

Discover how to use your camera to film, easily tackle any audio recording challenge and quickly edit every video you film. You don’t need to be an expert in front of the camera. Most of our clients HATE the camera, but yet are seeing massive results with their video content they are personally producing on their own.

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Brand & Convert will help you -

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Finally get to grips with the technical side of planning and creating your video marketing - saving you hours of frustration

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Build a business you love, that generates predictable, inquiries and clients finally giving you the freedom and lifestyle you want

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Become better at managing video content strategy on a day to day basis, so that you have way more time and far less stress

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Tap into the knowledge and experience of someone that has run full video production campaigns start to finish

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Attract more clients and keep them engaged and involved with your content, so that they stick around and become paying clients

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Eliminate the guesswork and stop throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks by giving you a step by step roadmap to follow